A circulating water sounds, Masan, Changwon


faucet, Horn speaker driver, XL pipe, Amp, and mixed media_2014
순환하는소리 _ 마산 무학산의 물_가변설치_수도꼭지 ,XL 파이프 , 엠프외혼합재료

A circulating water sounds 2

Iron, Piezospeaker,Amp, and mixed media_2014
순환하는소리2_가변설치_양철지붕 , 피에조스피커 , 엠프외혼합재료

A circulating water sounds 3
순환하는 소리 3
Sound Fountain

horn speaker driver, Amp, and mixed media_2014

Sound drips

Variable size installation_Water,Oil, Speaker, Amp, and mixed media_2014
가변설치_위성접시 , 엠프 , 스피커외혼합재료

Reflected Sound

Variable size installation_Water, Speaker, Amp, and mixed media_2014
빛으로반사되다_가변설치_물 , 스피커 , 엠프외혼합재료

In the sea, the sound of a ferry's engine and the shape of the ferry are designed using Max/Msp/Jitter

The sound of a piano key is 55 seconds long,and the sounds of keys that are less than 55 are randomly overlapped. (2014)

바다에 , 어느여객선의엔진소리와모양을 Max/Msp/Jitter 로디자인하다.
하나의 피아노 건반 음이 55 초의 길이를 가지며
건반 55 이하의 낮은 음으로 렌덤하게 소리가 겹쳐짐


A score is weaved from the endless sounds of the engine.


42 x 170cm_Two scarves found at a central market In Cambodia_2014
끝없는 엔진소리악보를짜집기하다
42 x 170cm
캄보디아 중앙시장에서 발견한 머플러 2 장

Rain,Color,Situation and Layer

21 인치아이맥에 MaxMspJitter 인터렉티브영상

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