Sound-photos (Waterfall)_Variable Size_Wood frame, Coil Speaker, Amp, photos and mixed media_2013
Sound image_wood frame,coil speaker,amp and mixed media_2012
2011.05.22. Chunjiyoun waterfall in Jeju_photo,wood frame,coil speaker,amp and mixed media_410】320】50mm_2012
2011.11.13.Viryong waterfall_photo,wood frame,coil speaker,amp and mixed media_530】410】50mm _2012

Sound-photos (Waterfall)_Variable Size_Wood frame, Coil Speaker, Amp, Photos and mixed media_2013





家府气器 Soundfall_parametric Speaker, Amp and mixed media_variable installation_2012
家府气器 Soundfall_parametrics Speaker,Photo, Amp and mixed media_variable installation_2013





Dropping Sound and Time_Stone,Amp,Speaker and mixed media_variable installation_2013
Sound drips_8m, Variable Installation_Speaker, Amp and mixed media_2013
Sound Composition_photo, coil Speaker, AMP and Mixed Media_64x79cm_2013
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